ch. 13 Congenital Clubfoot (Talipes)

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Traumatology

Congenital clubfoot is present at birth (the definition of “congenital”) and affects the foot and/or ankle. There is no known cause for clubfoot, and it is twice as common in male children as it is in female children. The frequency of congenital clubfoot is approximately 1 per 1,240 live births.

Etiology :

  • There are several potential causes for clubfeet, but no one knows the exact cause of clubfeet
  • Genetic deformities
  • Malposition during Pregnancy
  • Abnormalities in the region of chromosome 17 in four patients, and three of the patients had recurrent DNA duplications with one who had a small DNA recurrent deletion on the chromosome 17

Types :

  1. Talipes equinus (flexion)
  2. Talipes calcaneus (extension- dorsiflexion)
  3. Talipes varus (inversion)
  4. Talipes valgus (eversion)
  5. Talipes cavus (hollowing)


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