ch 10. Menstruation Disorders

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Gynocology

Most cycles occur between 21-35 days with 3-10 days of bleeding and 30-40 mL of blood loss. Anovulatory cycles and irregular menstrual patterns are common within 24 months of menarche.

Etiology :

  1. Nervous and mental affections,
  2. Stresses,
  3. Psychic traumas,
  4. Sexual infantilism,
  5. Serious and protracted chronic diseases,
  6. Chronic intoxications,
  7. Feeding violations (exhaustion or obesity),
  8. Endocrine diseases,
  9. Gynecological diseases.

Amenorrhea  absence of menses.

Violation of menstruation cycle:

  • opsomenorrhea — menses come extremely rarely: in 6-8 weeks
  • spaniomenorrhea — the extremely long menstrual cycle, menses come 2-4 times per year
  • proiomenorrhea (tachimenorrhoea) — shortened menstrual cycle, menses come in 21 days

Change of blood amount, that exudes during menses:

  • hypermenorrhea — a excessive amount of blood, more than 100-150 ml
  • hypomenorrhea — reduced amount of blood, less than 50 ml

Abnormal menses’ duration:

  • polymenorrhea — menses’ duration is 7-12 days
  • oligomenorrhea — menses duration is less than 2 days

Painful menses:

  • algomenorrhea — pain during menses in genital organs region
  • dysmenorrhea — general disturbances during menses (headache, nausea, anorexia, raised irritability)
  • algodysmenorrhea — a combination of local pain and general state disturbance

Menorrhagia—the cyclic uterine bleeding, associated with menstrual cycle, lasting more than 12 days.

Methrorrhagia — acyclic uterine bleeding that is not associated with menstrual cycle.

There are distinguished hypomenstrual syndrome (opsomenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, hypomenorrhea) and the hypermenstrual syndrome (proiomenorrhea, hypermenorrhea, polymenorrhea).


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