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Seven Steps To Success

Posted: May 3, 2012 in FMGE
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1) Leave all nonsense like financial probs, family related and personal stuff..which kill lot of time

 2) Get High Grip on CLASS NOTES of ( any coaching centre).. with Good Revision. DATS Enough

 My advice regardin doing MCQ’s from famous books lik mudit khanna,pulse might be helpfull ,but only after getting full grip on class notes. ( Do MCQ’s only one time for each topic, dat too after studyin class notes thoroughly ) and mark those imp Mcq’s in ur class notes so that u can revise class notes with much effort concentrating on the imp topics u hav marked it.Noneed to go thru of MCQ’s book second time .

 3) Maintain a notes parallel to ur preparation writing all imp topics In bits manner ,subject wise..Study them by spending 1/2 hour to one hour daily on dat notes.carry 1st grade and patho books with u whenever u r in book when u r in doubt.

 4)study medicine and surgery alternative days scheduled 1 nd half hour per day.

 5) Make group discussion ( Asking Questions from wadever topic you are in grip ) .75 to 85 questions are from discussion i hav made with my helps me really a lott

 6) Revise, Revise,Revise Class Notes..Attend and Aim For good mark in exams conducted by coaching centres.Pay Attention to topics which u r listening 2nd time also.Solve previous exams papers .since 20 bits were repeatin

 7) Here im Arranging Subjects in Grade Vice..

 i) PSM, G&Obs. Opthal, IntMed, Surgery Ist Grade Subjects (25 to 35 marks each).sometimes One among 5 subjects,it goes beyond 40

 ii) Pharma, Patho, Biochem, Micro, 2nd Grade Subjects (18 -20 Marks.. Each) ( Among these pharma can be added to 1st grade member at times)

 iii) Radio, Anatomy, Derma, ENT, Ortho 3rd Grade (10 to 12 Marks each)

 Psychi, FSM… 2 to 5 mark each..

 One might think from first grade subject they were asking 125 question on we can gain 120 mark from 1st Grd,60 Mark from 2nd grade and 50 mark from 3rd 230 no need to study all 15 subj..ITS A BLUNDER .SO I SUFFERED..Buddy things will happen different in exam.Since their main aim is not to let us in.

 So put sincere efforts on these Three grade/15 subjects And aim for 230,eventhough Paper was asked TOUGH.ull reach 150 to 160..if asked easier ull reach 170 to 180.

 Don’t leave even single small subject like psychi..I repeat U MUST READ HIGH ON THESE 3 Grade..

 Leaving single subject among these grades Will leave u away another 6 months of hell.. it happened for me..when I attempt in march ’11 they asked 13 questio from derma , 25 quest from PSM ( 10 from notes 15 away from notes ,not even there in standard books like mudit) so i mark at dat time was 133.. js fr da sake of preparing only 12 subjects without revision..wads the use of 5 months prep I FAILed..

 But next time I studied another 3 subjects..I revise15 subjects total.. I passed..

 So don’t leave single subject among those 15 .

 Study Strictly 15 subjects with HARD revision ,complete it before one month from exam date.No new topics in last month..instead of dat revise thoroughly wad u have studied up2 dat tym..

 Divide last month into three sessions

 First 15 days 15 subject ( Subj per day )

 7 days 15 subject (2 per day )

 7 days 15 sub (3 per day )

 Put high pressure on coaching guys to complete syllabus faster atleast month before.

 ..) NEVER LOSE HOPE, EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE NOT UP TO MARK ..beaware of those who have much discouragin words,afraid of exam..give him good support and maintain healthy friendship..